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Yamaha Rhinos Recalled

April 2nd, 2009 - JRD Press

Yamaha Motor Corporation USA has issued a recall for more than 100,000 Rhino ATV's. All Rhino models 450, 660, and 700 were recalled due to safety concerns.

Our law firm represents many clients injured in Yamaha Rhino rollovers. If you have been injured while driving or riding in a Yamaha Rhino please protect your rights by contacting our attorneys today for a free legal case review.

Call 800-821-1242 now or simply complete the form on this page. An attorney experienced with Rhino rollover injury lawsuits will review your potential case carefully and reply quickly.

If You Have Been Injured In An ATV Then Read This Carefully

Side-by-side style ATV's such as the Yamaha Rhino™, Polaris Ranger™, Kawasaki Teryx™, and Arctic Cat Prowler™ have become popular recreation vehicles. Several manufacturers now compete for this market with different models of ATV's, UTV's and RTV's. Some of these vehicles may have dangerous defects which have allegedly caused severe injuries and even deaths.

We represent multiple families and individuals involved in rollover accidents. Our attorneys are prepared to travel and meet with you personally when required. We have the knowledge and manpower to represent clients nationwide. We have access to the leading expert who may testify against manufacturers in court regarding this ATV industry problem.

If you have been injured in a side-by-side ATV rollover incident, no matter how it occurred, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. Call 800-821-1242 now or complete the form on this page. Time works against you after injuries have occurred. You will not be charged for this fast and free legal review by one of our attorneys and you might receive a cash settlement for your injuries.

MoneyNo class action lawsuits. Our attorneys fight for you as an individual to receive the highest cash settlement possible for ATV injury cases. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and experts are ready to make certain your legal rights are protected.

usaAll 50 US States covered. You will receive professional legal representation in Alaska, California, Texas, or any U.S. State. Regardless of your location, our team stands by to serve you and will go the extra mile to win the largest cash settlement possible for you. Let us do the work.